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Acquaintance Renewed – Yogi


I try to introduce new cats to the blog as soon as they’ve settled and established themselves. But it’s sometimes interesting to find a cat that has already been introduced some time ago, and to see what progress has been made.


Claire wrote about Yogi way back in 2012. In those days, he was a extremely shy boy, wary of contact.

Enjoying back courtyard petting – MD

Six years on, and Yogi is a different cat. He’s a back courtyard roamer, but enjoys being in the Double-Wide; he can frequently be found on the couch as one of the cuddle crowd, or on the shelf by the door, where he can claim his share of fussing. At coffee break he often joins the cats who like to migrate from lap to lap, and he hovers when treats are offered (though he’d rather have crunchies than chicken)

Yogi (L) and Shadrack (R) – MW

He can be easily confused from the back with Shadrack, who also used to be a shy cage-top boy, and is now another Mr Social. Yogi’s distinctive facial markings and white bib make him easy to identify, though, as does, unfortunately, his snotty nose. He seems to be one of those cats who has a constant low-grade cold, and many of us have had the experience of having to go and wash off because Yogi has let loose from the back of the couch with one of his wet sneezes.


Yogi socializes well with other cats; he’s a gentle boy and doesn’t get involved with the more dominant cats like Eli and Licorice; he’d rather snuggle with his quieter buddies.

Yogi with Sandra – PH

Sweet Wobbly-Bob, with his neurological problems, is sometimes a little wary around cats that move quickly and catch him off balance; Yogi is obviously a good buddy with whom to cuddle.

Yin/yang snuggles with Wobbly Bob – VL

Many people tend to look for the big “personality” cats in the back courtyard, like Honey Bear and Ollie; Yogi, with his quieter persona can easily be overlooked, and is well worth cultivating.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Melanie Driver, Phaedra Hardman, Victoria Lo, Michele Wright