Cat Sanctuary

A Meowy Little Christmas


Since the beginning of December decorations have been appearing around the Sanctuary, and the front courtyard is looking very festive.


The one and only Christmas tree has to be kept safely between the gates, where no inquisitive paws can reach it; I have certainly seen the hanging stockings twitching where the feline curiosity gets to be just too much!


Michele has been working very hard at various places taking Santa-pictures of beloved pets, but she found time to get in to the Sanctuary with a few Christmas props, so that the cats could wish you a Meowy Christmas in fine style.




Mr Pink

Most cats take grave exception to hat-wearing, though scarves seem to be acceptable; if Santa hats have to come into it, it’s Photoshop to the rescue!

Tubby Christmas

Dodger does not want to wear this thing, even through Photoshop!

and Dandelion is auditioning for the Grinch!

Skittles is ready for anything if chicken is offered!

This is the sort of prop that Stella likes!

With the coming of the holidays, volunteers and staff are thinner on the ground, and many of us will be doing extra shifts to cover vacancies. The Sanctuary still needs to be cleaned, and the cats scooped and fed, even on Christmas Day – but we’ll all pull together to get it done before we all go our ways to our various celebrations.  And the cats will no doubt get their taste of turkey from some generous visitor!
We all – staff, volunteers and cats – wish you all a Meowy Christmas and a Purry Happy New Year!
Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Debbie Wolanski and Michele Wright.