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A Front Courtyard Trio

Figaro – MW

From time to time we still have cats coming in from a privately run Sunshine Coast shelter that is reducing numbers in preparation for closing. One trio that arrived together ended up caged together in the Hill House, and, a year later, they can still be found in the same area, now that they’re out and about.

Figaro (L) & Spirit (R) – MW

The most striking one of the three is Figaro, introduced a few weeks back. Figaro is sometime confused with Spirit, also a handsome tuxedo, but Figaro’s facial markings are much more defined, and he is definitely more shy with humans.

Figaro hiding – MW

He is interested in us, and will accept treats if they’re thrown his way, but he’s usually not ready for more than the odd fleeting touch; he’s very selective in the people he will approach, and from whom he will accept petting. What he does like is to be touched by other cats! He has shown himself to be something of a cat-magnet in the front courtyard, and has a following of friends to rival Daniel’s.

Reefer loves to play – MD

Many of them are little black cats – I’m still trying to sort out Beetle and Frisky, Cyrano, Shady and Reefer.

Handsome boy! – MW

Reefer was the second of the trio in the Hill House cage. He’s less shy than some of the others, and is one of the cats that seems to have a constant low-grade cold – at least, he can mostly be distinguished by a slightly snotty nose, though it doesn’t slow him down at all. He and Figaro romp and play-fight, especially when egged on by a little catnip.

Reefer & Figaro having fun – MW

The third of the trio is a very different sort of cat.

Hunny Bun – MD

Her name is Hunny Bun, and we’re told she was found as a kitten in the same place as Honey Bear, the stunning Siamese cross in the back courtyard– it’s possible that they’re litter mates, despite their very different appearances, because female cats in heat are quite indiscriminate about their partners, and litter-mates may have more than one sire. Honey Bear came to us before the other three, presumably because he has a neurological problem and was therefore easier to catch!

You can’t see me! – MW

Hunny Bun is very shy, wary of humans, and quick to find herself a hiding place when approached. Like Reefer and Figaro, she spends most of her time in the feral cat area we call “The Old Rabbit Area”- a section of the courtyard that is covered but has an outdoor feeling. All the shelves in it are draped so that feral cats can feel safely hidden – unlike the beds in the Connor or the Hill House, which are uncovered.

Hunny Bun on the guarded prowl – MW


We have a number of cats who arrived as ferals and now are quite relaxed with human contact – Jamie, Gilbert, Pogo, Latte… to name just a few. We hope that with time and patience, these three may join the “I Love Humans” club at the Sanctuary.
Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Melanie Draper & Michele Wright