Cat Sanctuary

A Brace of Bengals

the regal Bengal look… – MW

Most of the Sanctuary cats are “moggies” – the English descriptor for a cat of indeterminate breed. Short-haired, long-haired, tabby, black, orange, white, and any number of combinations – we have them! Cats of specific breeds are usually in demand, and when they come to a shelter, they often get adopted quickly. That is, unless there’s a problem of some sort – and that problem is usually pee-ing!

Zulu – BD

Currently we have two Bengals living with us. I missed meeting their predecessor Zulu, who was known for his penetrating voice – especially when food was concerned.

Lucky – MW

Lucky came to us about three years ago, and has settled well.  He’s an established personality in the back courtyard – until recently he lived mainly in Waldi’s hut, opposite the tea-room, but he can most often be found now in the tea-room itself or in the double-wide laundry room. And the attraction of those two places? That’s where the sinks are – and the possibility of someone turning on a tap! Lucky adores running water – either running fast, in which case he drinks from the stream – or running in a trickle, in which case he sticks his head under the water and lets it get him really wet. It seems to be a common passion of many Bengals, and may be part of the reason that they are also known for their bad bathroom habits.

The view’s better up here… PH

Lucky’s a friendly boy; like Hannah, he will sometimes appear on an unsuspecting shoulder, though the favoured shoulders have come to expect him. He’s a favourite of Michele’s, and she has many lovely pictures of him.

Wonderful eyes – MW

A good stretch… MW

He was joined at the Sanctuary last fall by Dandelion.

Dandelion – MW

Once again, the peeing problems were just too much for Dandelion’s owners – and their final decision (which they struggled with for some time) was confirmed by his determined bullying of their smaller female cat. Bengals tend to be sleek and muscular; Dandelion is the most overweight Bengal we’ve ever seen.

Dandelion – PH

For the first part of his stay with us he was caged, as all our new cats are. His owners had told us he was fussy about his food, but he calmly ate everything that was offered. We decided that along with other overweight cats, his health would be best approached by encouraging more exercise, rather than caging him and limiting his food. However, since release, he has found a few corners to claim and is usually found sleeping peacefully, ignoring the other cats around him.

Wake me when it’s springtime… BC

We hope that when the warmer weather comes, Dandelion will join Lucky in roaming the back courtyard, and perhaps regain a trimmer outline!

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Barbara Doduk Phadra Hardman, & Michele Wright